Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Nerd Journey

Life would be a little too plain without the occasional ‘special moment’… and this last couple of years has certainly produced a few surprises! So Dr Who is not a tv series I've ever really watched, but I've now been ‘enlightened’ and have sat through all 8 new seasons pretty much consecutively. Yeah we watch almost zero live tv nowadays but loads of different series on either box-sets or Amazon/Netflix. Anyway I can now say it’s all good stuff… mostly anyway!

Yup… that’s me and a Dalek!

My engagement proposal ring-box tardis. What’s that you say… not romantic enough? Hey at least I formally popped the question on a bench situated high on The White Cliffs of Dover and she said yes!

I could talk about the quite hilarious Big Bang Theory or watching Marvel movies in their proper order and then mustn’t forget Star Trek, Star Wars or even Stargate… yes I’ve always been a bit of a sci-fi fan! The point is I’m really enjoying my new life. Learning to love the things my wife enjoys and sharing the things that have always been important to me is just wonderful!

Now where did I leave those Jelly Babys?

Job 33:25 ‘let their flesh be renewed like a child’s; let them be restored as in the days of their youth’ (NIV)

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