Saturday, November 15, 2014

Courting A Good Wife!

Of course good women don’t just grow on trees… but a shared love of anything woodland related, for me, is always gonna help in building the new relationship! From the very beginning my new wife and I walked through woods and along forest trails, simply enjoying the things we’ve always enjoyed. We talked as we walked. A lot! Our life journey shared and deep friendship grown.

I was totally impressed when our second date revealed well used hiking boots, complementary gaiters and suitable all-weather gear. ‘By the way Dave, I hate shopping!’ Awesome… a few short weeks later the weather changed and friendship turned it’s wintery eye t’wards the beginnings of love.

‘So let’share a favourite movie?’ Never heard of it, but gave it a go anyway… Into The Wild. A story of one man’s life changing decision to sell his possessions and go live in Alaska. Within the movie a ‘hippy’ couple opted out of the rat-race to go live in a camper. Another shared dream. Sort of. Well at least for lots of holidays anyway. And not too sure about selling my house either. Mmmm, the bigger dream of travel, specifically the movie trek into the winter wonderland of Alaska, may also have to wait a while! But we both love camping. Maybe not so much the tent thing nowadays I guess…

So then, Alaska?  What about somewhere a little nearer for now… Paris say, or maybe Rome? Barcelona would work fine and anyway, let’s keep dreaming!

Proverbs 18:22 ‘The man who finds a wife finds a treasure’ (NLT)

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