Friday, November 07, 2014

Signing My Life Away?

Oh yeah, time just seems to fly by when you’re enjoying yourself! So I've been a little busy courting my bride and subsequently enjoying a whole year of marital bliss… that’s got to be good reason for not posting for 22 months. Hasn't it?

And it sure feels strange picking up exactly from where I left off in my writing. Life feels totally different from everything that’s gone before! Well yes, I still enjoy doing many of the same things I've always enjoyed: beaches, forest trails, historic houses, a little Sci-fi mixed with an occasional hobbit. And reading lots and lots of books. Mustn't forget good food. Well I always enjoy curry and pizza and Chinese and English roast.

So we’re living in the same house I lived in for 35 years. But it’s a nice house! Yet increasingly different as time passes, allowing my new wife to make her unique mark. Merging two households into one new home is a very interesting exercise. My workshop/office/craft room/artspace/music-room – now an uncomplicated ‘Round the Back’ – was filled to overflowing with a small mountain of surplus furniture and general household stuff. It took a whole year to disperse to various charity storehouses and nostalgic children. So I have my workspace restored. And can now sit writing my blog to the beautiful sound of a sewing machine humming away at the adjacent desk. Snip, snip snip… ‘Do you mind just standing up for a minute Dave.’ Dressmakers dummy required!

I'm no longer lonely. I've found a friend. A true like-minded soul-mate… life is wonderful.

Best piece of paper I ever signed.

John 3:7 'So don't be surprised when I say, 'You must be born again''

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