Saturday, February 04, 2012

4th February

At least I managed to get out before the worst of the snow started. Just some of the fine stuff intruded upon my walk today. But there was enough of a breeze to seriously lower the temperature. My technical clothing is wonderful, worth every penny and I remained quite dry and warm for the whole time I was out. Apart from my face that is, though a scarf helped a little, and my eyes began to sting with snow getting under my specs. But the strange thing is, that despite the quite adverse weather, I felt really happy. Just being away from any hint of pressure, in a nicely civilized outdoor environment, my new jazz album on my mp3… what more could a man want from life? Not unusually I began to think about Jane. And even those thoughts could not dent my sense of wellbeing as I just felt really pleased for her as she rebuilds her own life in heaven. And I have liberty to walk whenever and wherever I want. I’m quite confident she’s doing really well as she embraces the new challenges of her life in eternity. Whilst I can’t imagine she’ll be feeling even a hint of distress, I reckon she has to be missing us all as much as we miss her. But she will be keeping herself busy and yes, though the place will be perfect, what is life without challenge and a sense of achievement? I really don’t imagine a life of abandonment with unlimited luxury, and the angelic host of heaven employed solely to wait on tables and suchlike! That’s not how we were created to live and the Bible certainly teaches us to work for reward. So why would heaven be any different?

I’ve been busy as well. This time last year I posted my very first blog. So that’s 365 posts and around 180,000 words painting a picture of the journey through the most challenging year of my life. I wonder if Jane is making a journal of her time in heaven. Perhaps she won’t need to, what with a perfectly functioning memory and all the rest of it. I’ll look forward to hearing her story one day, though I plan on that being a long time away yet. I’ve still got the second half of my life to live… should the Lord tarry!

2 Thessalonians 3:10 ‘Those unwilling to work will not get to eat.’ (NLT)

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