Saturday, March 10, 2012

10th March 2012

A busy day. But only in spending time with family, and I feel so privileged to have each and every one of them as a friend. I needed to spend the day with friends. I’m a little wobbly today, both physically and emotionally. Yes Chronic Fatigue is still rather a nuisance, though I’m quite hopeful of a change for the better as the weather continues to remain fairly mild. It’s sunshine I really need though, along with time out from my usual routine. I gave my motorhome another short run yesterday, just the couple of miles to Kedleston Hall and hopefully I can soon take the next step of a few days away very soon. As I feel at the moment I wouldn’t want to drive very far at all, I’m just too ill. But that can change over a couple of days so a couple of hours journey would work and I still fancy Delamere Forest near Chester. I never book ahead though and can easily chase the sun if that becomes an option!

Keeping on the go all day is a helpful distraction from my rather fragile emotions. Again yesterday, I had a whole set of unrelated phone calls all concerning Jane’s mum and eventually had to go visit her. She’s in quite a terrible condition now, physically, emotionally and also mentally. I felt so sorry for her, thinking of the fourteen years we were able to share our family home with her and now I see her fading into a shadow of her former self… all alone in her apartment. She gets out meeting people every day and has family visiting each week but it’s not the same at all. At 97 and having lost the will to carry on living I don’t know how long she has, but I find it quite upsetting that it’s come to this. I remember thirty years or so ago that Jane spent time with her, unpacking and working through the depths of grief she suffered after Jane’s dad had died. She was much younger then but still it took several years to begin to come out of mourning. On many occasions Jane would disappear with her for hours before calling me in to pray with the pair of them. I’ve no doubt that she chose the right pathway in becoming a qualified therapist. But Jane’s mum is not the only one who needs that skilled and so very gentle touch right now…

Isaiah 9:6 ‘And he will be called: Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.’ (NLT)

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