Thursday, March 01, 2012

1st March 2012

No idea what was happening here though it’s seems quite obvious one of these young swans is getting serious earache! Yet a couple of moments previously they were quite happily fishing for worms or some such thing on the lake bed. And I’ve had a busy and relatively productive day which is encouraging, so I don’t deserve a telling off at all today! It started very early this morning as I needed to get my dad to hospital for 8am and so mid-morning, at last, he had his biopsy with straightforward recovery. No idea when results will be available though, so that leaves my parents rather in limbo and quite concerned at what might happen. We had to leave my dad alone on the ward this morning, waiting to be taken along to theatre, and though he had to wait less than an hour apparently he came very close to walking out. I’ve no idea how he’d cope with any more challenging treatment so need to keep praying he’ll have an all clear confirmed. The original testing was apparently rather unclear with opinions in both directions. We’ll see.

When I got back home I was sorely tempted to find an outdoor job as the weather was so beautiful. The task to hand would have been a motorhome shampoo and that felt rather strenuous so I stalled and attacked something that’s been annoying me for ages. Yes, at long last I returned to my bathroom decorating project and painted the floor. I feel good now! But my house is increasingly becoming chocolate brown underfoot, since I discovered some amazing floor paint that covers concrete, wood, tiles, metal or even plastic with a highly durable finish. And it’s a dream to apply, solving the problem of my pet hatred of dust filled carpets. A few well-placed rugs provide all the cosiness I’ll ever want.

Anyway back to the swans. Or should I say ‘ugly ducklings’ as they’ve not completely lost their youthful plumage? I find swans to be a most magnificent bird, almost regal. Actually they are still protected by a royal charter from back in the 15th Century, though that hasn’t stopped poachers in one of our city parks according to the local press. Yes, one day fairly soon the beautiful birds I spotted this afternoon will grow their pure white feathers and become the perfect creatures they were destined to be.

God’s at work in my life as well. I have every confidence, though some days all I can see are the darkened ‘stains’ of a work in progress. But if the Lord can work his beauty into these two swans surely he’ll never give up on me.

Philippians 1:6 ‘And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.’ (NLT)

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