Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Walking with the Angels

I've spent the day walking with angels and it’s been wonderful! Ok, I’m not really talking about the ones with wings, though actually I almost felt as though I’ve been carried through the day with a supernatural strength. Yes the past few days have been rather challenging as I’ve been pretty much completely immobilised with Chronic Fatigue. But I’ve decided the relapse is mostly down to stress caused by specific challenges I have to face. In reality the issues do not warrant real concern, it’s just I’m struggling to cope with any new demands for action whatsoever. I just want a clear run to focus upon controlling my activity and maximising recovery from ill health. So often though circumstances make demands that cannot be sidestepped. Such as bereavement. I suppose I’ll be working that one out for some time yet. Like, today I visited Wirksworth and drove past the village shop where Jane and I bought organic rolls for a lunchtime picnic to distract from her afternoon oncology appointment. Next the factory outlet store where Jane bought a coat, and then the dentist where she was referred for root canal treatment. Nearby Black Rocks was a favourite walk when our children were very young and I couldn’t begin to share the many happy memories I have of that place. Somehow I have to press on through difficult emotions and find a way to move on. For sure though I am so very grateful for the treasured memories I have of so many different places that Jane and I enjoyed for so many years.

Anyway today I created some new ones. These are my eldest grandchildren and once again I’m the guy with a tree sticking out of the top of his head! I certainly needed rescuing from the trap of ill health and these two little ‘angels’ lured me out into the woods with mum as a jolly companion. I suspect she might not always describe them in that way, but I do. They’re wonderful. So it was probably the slowest walk I’ve had for a very long time as they insisted upon climbing every rock face we walked past, but that really suited me in my weakened state. I made it though and afterwards felt the better for the effort as well. But then again it would have been Jane who always initiated the ice cream thing, I’m just not tuned in properly to children’s ‘needs’. So my daughter worked that one out and at least I was able to open my wallet and pretend I was part of that treat!

Psalm 91:11-12 For he will order his angels to protect you wherever you go. They will hold you up with their hands so you won’t even hurt your foot on a stone.’ (NLT)


drawingcloser said...

They look so cute, and proud of their grandpa. May God continue to give you His grace and strength my friend


David Paine said...