Tuesday, October 02, 2012

A New Season

We can find something to enjoy in every season of the year, and autumn heralds a particularly special pleasure as trees embrace their end of year glory. Conifers may have an unrivalled fragrance, but the evergreen thing is rather too predictable for me. I like a bit more variety. Truth be told though, my afternoon photo opportunity, taken at the start of my walk, was immediately interrupted by rain. Again. And that very much reminded me of our earlier spring and summer, and how our seasons seem to have merged somewhat this year. But at least I can now look forward to my woodland walks along golden red footpaths, with long shadows cast by the sun as it settles low in the sky in the late afternoon. And, who knows, maybe I can capture something of the spectacle of migrating birds, gathering for their winter journey to warmer climes. I came across a flock of geese, over a hundred, all resting in the meadow very close to my intended pathway; and I was so tempted to approach them with the expectation that they would all instantly take to flight, giving me another great photo-op. But I felt rather mean about that, and it was pouring down with rain so fiddling with an umbrella and camera would not have been easy anyway. So I didn't  But maybe tomorrow I won’t feel quite so generous.

Gradually, step by step my journey through bereavement is taking me into a totally different place. A new season of life, with much to look forward to. I feel so much better. So this afternoon I had a laugh with myself, yes I know that’s a bit weird but that’s what happens when you’re on your own. Now, don’t get me wrong, no way do I believe in communicating with the dead; the Bible is very clear about not engaging with séances and all the rest of it, so I wouldn’t dream of attempting a thing like that. But, maybe only in my imagination, I caught a glimpse of heaven and the heavenly host were watching over the affairs of mankind. Then I ‘saw’ Jane watching me stumble through the mud on my Kedleston walk and a silly idea entered my head. No-one around to see me, though I’m not too fussed anyway… I lifted my hand and waved to her! Oh yes, I can do things like that, why not? Then I really got carried away as I blew her a kiss. Wonder if she managed to catch it? Yes I’m feeling much happier!

Hebrews 12:1 ‘Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith…’ (NLT)

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