Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Just Another Day

Sometimes change comes along simply with the passage of time. Sometimes we must do something about it! So a couple of days ago, in nearby Deal, we endured torrential rain and high wind. Today, on the cliffs overlooking Dover the weather is gorgeous. Perfect holiday weather, especially for October. And there’s nothing we can do about the weather anyway; aside from relocating to a sunnier country, and that’s not an immediate option as I left my passport at home. But as I sit here overlooking Dover Harbour, watching ferries come and go, I have to admit I’m just a little jealous of those sailing across to France. Maybe next year. Yes, I used to really enjoy driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road on my continental adventures… with Jane. All sorts of things I don’t get to do anymore though; like cuddling up on the settee to watch a romantic movie. Stop it David, there’s no point thinking that way! Ok, I wonder if there’ll be alternate cultures to explore in heaven, bound to be I guess, with inhabitants from every tribe and nation. From ancient Egypt to 21st century Tokyo, Amazonian Pigmies to Icelandic Eskimos, there’ll be quite a variety of folk to enjoy and get to know for sure. Yes heaven must be filled with many different homes for the many different races. But, though I may be wrong, I do reckon that the Lord will have us all speaking a common language. No more division on that score. And it certainly won’t be English, so that could be fun!

One day, at the right time, when all is done that needs to be done, I’ll get my own ticket to heaven. I’m in no rush. I do enjoy my life, even though it has changed rather radically. Yes losing my wife is not easy, but then lots of things in this world are challenging to say the least. At least I live in a relatively prosperous and democratic country, with every modern convenience to hand. Most folk I meet are polite and courteous, charitable giving is always high, and despite welfare cuts, most have a roof over their heads and food in the larder. The real suffering I see is relational and in those who live a dysfunctional lifestyle. Many though, are lonely and crying out for support in their disability. City centres are almost no-go areas late in the night, when drunken disorder abounds. Workplace bullying, wife-battering, human trafficking and so much more, and worse, is never far away from my own cushy little world. It’s impossible to avoid and immoral to ignore these things. This world can be a better place, though I believe that goodness and evil will exist alongside each other until the Lord himself returns. All we can do is to always make sure our little bit pleases him, and reach out to others with his goodness, seeking to spread the boundaries of righteousness even further. But that demands we get involved, get our hands ‘dirty’ as it were by reaching out to the lost and the needy with the love of God. It’s always challenging to ignore my own needs and give preference to others.

Isaiah 9:7 Of the increase of his government and peace there will be no end.’ (NIV 1984)

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