Tuesday, November 01, 2011

1st November

And all it took was a mid-morning phone call. Today’s been a good day, I actually feel relatively bright and breezy! And no, that’s nothing much to do with the phone call, I just feel a bit better today, nothing I can put my finger on really; though if I could I’d store it up for the rainy days when I do feel low. I had a good lie in this morning, again, and that probably helps physically, though I was nearly late for my good deed of the day; I persuaded Jane’s mum to attend a local church’s over 50’s group and I was the taxi. She’s not been there for over 6 months and seemed to really appreciate connecting again with her old friends, so I’ll have to see what I can do on a regular basis. I had an encouraging conversation with a guy helping to run it, his wife had died a couple of years ago after 52 years of marriage and we seemed to connect in a simple but caring way quite easily. I’ve met a number of folk over the past few months who find themselves able to reveal their personal bereavement whilst giving me space to share mine. Simple empathy helps more than anything. And mere words pale into insignificance when you look into someone’s eyes and see the most immense sadness veiled by incredible hope and unbelievable joy… the ‘normal’ Christian life I see time and time again. For me the reality of the person of Jesus Christ at work in my life is everything. I know I have a future and with or without a marital partner I can never be alone.

And about the phone call… simply a few minutes talking to my mum, but whilst so engaged I had time to gaze out of my window. Success at last then as I have now seen my bird-table being used by a small group of rather pretty coal tits. I’d almost given up with my peanut feeder but suddenly there they were nibbling away before the short flight to the table, and a quick peck at the feast I’d laid out a few days ago. So now I’m getting all carried away thinking I could sit in my bedroom window with a camera on a tripod for as long as it takes to capture the evidence. But I’m far too fidgety, I'd need a good book with coffee and maybe snack food and then I’d forget all about the birds… what about the stalled bathroom decorating project David?

John 16:20 ‘You will grieve, but your grief will suddenly turn to wonderful joy.’ (NLT)

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