Friday, December 02, 2011

2nd December

I don’t feel too bad again today. And that was despite a couple of quite different, and disturbing, early morning dreams I still recall quite clearly; though for sure they were not of the Lord so I need to forget them. But it did mean my day began before 6am as I will not countenance re-engaging with such troubling thoughts by dozing off again. So then, I’ve decided to embark on a little day dream this evening, one that I can be more in control of… I don’t know what the Lord thinks of Sudoku, I suspect he’s quite neutral on the game, but playing a couple of games on my DS, at any time of day or night, always distracts me from troubling thoughts and calms me down.

And that provokes an interesting line of thought… I instinctively consider heaven to be some sort of otherworldly utopia, where everything is provided in some sort of miraculous way without forethought or effort. I can easily visualise a very simple lifestyle devoid of modern conveniences, and yet completely wholesome in an organic sort of way. I’ve no doubt that for some that will be exactly the environment in heaven that the Lord prepares… no phones, no mail no electricity. And yet when you think about it men and women were created to work, it’s in our genes as it were, it’s good for us; so there’ll be no idling about even in heaven. But I’m sure we’ll all be working in our perfect dream job and we’ll look forward to it every day… apart from the Sabbath that is! So technology? Well surely from the beginning of time we’ve used tools, and over the millennia they’ve been developed with greater and greater sophistication.  And that leads to the big question… is the technology of heaven confined to maybe the Stone Age or the Iron Age, or is it Medieval, perhaps 21st century or even later? Then what would a heavenly iPad, or whatever, look like? Could there possibly be such a thing? And what about a Heaven Wide Web?

I wonder sometimes about the inspiration behind some of the ‘big’ ideas that shape our world, at least as regards the seed thought. Of course mankind is at it’s best when our creativity is released, that’s how we are designed. But maybe, just maybe, the technology and research of heaven is one step ahead of planet earth and the Lord allows some of the better ideas to ‘filter’ down… even if we then corrupt those good ideas with greed and selfishness and who knows what other sort of evil. You see I reckon it’s not just the Lord at work, and he always has the answer to every problem and the design to every piece of electronics; it’s the host of heaven that I think the Lord may well be setting to task in developing everything we need for life on planet earth. But I could be wrong and maybe we’re just destined to sit on clouds and learn to play harps… mmm that actually sounds pretty cool when you think about it, for a day or so anyway!

Genesis 28:12 ‘As he slept, he dreamed of a stairway that reached from the earth up to heaven. And he saw the angels of God going up and down the stairway.’ (NLT)

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