Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Different Point of View

Sometimes we need to take a second look in the mirror to see what’s really going on. How we see ourselves can be a very different view from how other’s see us. Every time I use my motorhome this is brought into particularly sharp focus. It’s shower-room has a great corner mirror. So with the split reflection I see myself side by side, both as in a normal mirror, on the right, and also the reversed view… which is exactly as the whole world normally sees me. So I’m right handed and no way would I normally take a photo with my left hand, no matter what my ‘normal’ reflection shows. And until I grew my hair I had a side parting on the left, though I only ever saw it as being on my right. Most confusing, and not a little odd to come face to face with such reality. Yes the guy I normally see wears his watch on the wrong arm, has a shirt pocket on the wrong side and buttons fastened just like a woman’s blouse. How weird is that? I now wear my wedding ring on my right hand so the reflection looks correct for a married man. Though I’m not anymore. Question is, when I look at myself do I still see myself as married? Maybe I need to take it off all together and store it with Jane’s rings… that’s a biggy. It sort of signifies that I’m embracing singleness. But I’m certainly not ready for a new relationship, though chance would be a fine thing anyway. And maybe I’ll never be ready, it sounds well scary. Oh to be that rather na├»ve teenager I once was, content with playing in a rock band and not too fussed when a girl asked me out. Hey, I pretty much behaved myself! Sort of. Ok, not really. So anyway, I think I was born a perfect gentleman, but maybe other’s see me differently? Anyway relational etiquette is very different from where I stand today. Yes the Lord is my sole companion right now and my aim is to walk with him into whatever he has for me. Learning to be content with my new reality is a challenge though.

So how does the Lord see me? I reckon neither of these perspectives is even close to God’s viewpoint. I suppose I mostly see my mistakes and focus upon the areas of life I struggle with. Like negativity. Those around me will commonly have to deal with my failings, maybe misunderstanding things I’ve said or misinterpreting motives in some of the things I’ve done. It’s so easy to just get things out of proportion, so easy to damage relationships with incorrect preconceptions. And stubbornness. God’s not like any of that. Not at all. He formed each one of us in the womb. No exceptions! Only he can breathe life and bring a person into being. I am not who I am by chance. Ok along the way I’ve messed things up, a thousand times. But the Lord still sees me as being on track, he never gives up on any of us. He always has a way forward, from wherever we find ourselves. All he asks is that we reach out to him and he’ll respond. Yes, he really does see the end from the beginning. One day I’ll be living in heavenly perfection. I find that hard to even imagine, but the Lord doesn’t. That’s how he sees me and relates to me right now. Somehow that’s a standard I need to live up to. And also how I need to begin to see those around me…

Ephesians 1:4 Even before he made the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in his eyes.’ (NLT)

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