Thursday, August 09, 2012

Doing the Right Thing

Living God’s way is always a challenge. At least it is for me. So often I find myself in a must do or must have situation which could easily lead to a mistake. Nurturing spiritual sensitivity by allowing the Lord to gently lead is the key to Christian maturity. So after 30 years on that particular journey I may know some stuff but some days I still feel like an infant. Reaching out for anything I fancy, complaining when things aren’t quite right and all the rest of it. Today was very different. Yes for the first time in some weeks I felt the heaviness of Chronic Fatigue begin to lift. And I know exactly what God wants of me. Quality time alone with him. So I went walking under the open sky at Kedleston, and though our words were few I really enjoyed being outdoors once more. I’m beginning to feel happy again. And rather stronger as well. But I’m really grateful to the Lord for keeping things simple just now, he says ‘come walk with me’. So I do, a gentle 3 mile trek through the woods and no problem. At last!

My life could have been very different. Somehow the Lord has kept me from harm, always watching over me despite the behaviour of those all around. He allowed me to make my own ‘mistakes’ without penalty. And somehow I learned right from wrong. All I ever did was try to do the right thing and when I failed, picked myself up and had another go. I’m still there to a certain extent as well! But I saw the result of deliberate wrong behaviour when I met another old friend this week. I’ve known him for maybe 25 years and can remember him sharing some personal stuff even back then. On many occasions since I’ve felt completely inadequate as I’ve tried to encourage and support him in his own Christian journey. This is not the place to say too much but the consequences today could hardly be any more severe. At least he’s now forced to engage with professionals who may even help him.

Yes I know bereavement and an ongoing battle with ill health creates a serious challenge. But I do feel so very blessed, grief will ease and I’m still believing for healing, whilst working hard to manage and improve my health all the time. This week for example I’ve started a new dietary supplement that some have found helpful. We’ll have to wait and see. But it’s a real privilege to know God, to be called for his purpose and his pleasure. His favour is truly all I seek and whatever he allows to cross my path I’m just grateful that he looks out for me.

Psalm 121:8 The Lord keeps watch over you as you come and go, both now and forever.’ (NLT)

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