Sunday, November 25, 2012

Follow The Light

The next step we take in every area of life is always the most important. No matter the major decisions already taken, no matter our present situation, there’s always gonna be potential to effect change, for better or for worse. So do we choose to continue on our present course whatever that is, or change direction at the next opportunity? Or maybe we can always just sort of drift along, ignoring even any pretence of trying to work things out; just spontaneously doing whatever we want, whenever we want. Seems foolish to me, an invitation for yet more problems. So then, what’s done is done, and for sure time travel is not going to be an option any time soon so perhaps now is the time to move on. The next page of life, in the big and the small, is always going to be completely blank until we start writing, so why not believe for something good, no matter the disappointment of yesterday? Doesn't hurt to have an outline script to hand though does it?

I’m increasingly beginning to understand that prayer actually works. Of course the Lord has his hand of favour upon my life, yeah I know that, no problem. But it’s so easy to presume that he will automatically answer unspoken prayer without us making even a little effort to reach out to him. Just recently I've started praying, just briefly, about occasional very small things that are about to happen. So for example, when I write this blog sometimes I will specifically ask the Lord for inspiration, whilst at other times I’ll basically just sit in front of my laptop trying to dream up a good idea. Of course looking back, it’s not too difficult to recognise the very few days that seem to say something truly engaging. Maybe I need to remember to pray more, stay on track and not wander off on a whim?

Yes, only the Lord has complete understanding about our past, present and future, so walking with him along this great adventure of life makes really good sense!

Exodus 13:21 The Lord went ahead of them. He guided them during the day with a pillar of cloud, and he provided light at night with a pillar of fire. This allowed them to travel by day or by night.’ (NLT)

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