Thursday, November 01, 2012

The Vanishing Vacuum Cleaner

Sometimes you just have to laugh, ‘cause crying about life’s little problems is pretty pointless. My day began around 12.30pm as I sat down for breakfast. Yes, that’s what needs to happen after a big day out, and ongoing ill health threatens to take it’s life destroying grip! If I rest, I recover. So stay in bed awhile. Quite simple, though more than a little frustrating as I’m not particularly tired. Just ill. But then, no way can I relax to start eating, as the cat needs sorting out. Ok, I’ll open a window and tidy things up first; yeh, let’s have a quick run around with the vacuum… strange, it’s not in the normal cupboard. So where can it be? I don’t recall using it since yesterday; maybe my son has borrowed it to clean his bedroom. But it’s not a leap year so that can’t be the answer. Oops, did I really write that out loud? Silly old Dave, it is a leap year so maybe he does have it. A quick search all around my home and still no cleaner in sight. So I try the original cupboard again and it’s still not there. I'm going crazy, how can a fairly large machine simply disappear? First thought is, it must have been stolen… but how, and why a cheap vacuum when my house is filled with all manner of expensive electricals? And how did they get in as doors are still locked and no sign of forced entry? Weird, that’s what it is, just weird. Aliens, yes that must be it! Beam me up Scotty technology is the answer, only then I remember Star Trek is just a movie; it’s not real. Or is it? Right, let’s start again with a more thorough search in every room, under the beds, behind furniture and all the rest of it. Still no vacuum! Then for some reason I opened the small door fitted under my staircase, where I used to store the cleaner over 15 years ago. So what on earth caused me to put the thing back there after all this time?

Ugh, just a bad day living with M.E. so let’s get on with my breakfast. I reach into my cupboard for a packet of cereal only to take out a jar of coffee, and puzzle over the overlarge spoon in my hand about to measure it into my cereal bowl. Daft, that’s what. But success and a sit down at last, until it really is time for coffee. I reach into my cupboard feeling well pleased as I remember it is actually coffee I'm after this time… then unthinkingly I take a cereal bowl out of the drawer and come within a whisker of spooning coffee into it again. Ok, I know I overdid it the other day, no problem; it’ll pass if I rest long enough. The migraine is annoying, but no big deal, likewise fatigue and dizziness. Plenty of folk are far worse off though, aren't they?

But I am disappointed because I know I really can't continue my 3 mile prayer walk thing... after a successful 10 walks interrupted only by a day visit to London with the grandkids. And I've been praying for family, and my son has just seen off the competition to get his first permanent job. I'm happy... but ill, and frustrated. So I now sit feeling sorry for myself and not too spiritual at all. And the presence of the Lord falls upon me in the most wonderful way! Within minutes I'm laughing and filled with the Spirit of God. Life really couldn't be better! Isn't the Lord so wonderful and patient even when we take our eyes off him?

I almost never watch TV. BBC News 24, Formula 1 and Downton Abbey are really about it. So why did I turn to Revelation TV just and watch part of a repeat of Howard Condor interviewing Pat Robertson? And Pat said that "there is no such thing as a bad day for a Christian!" Of course he contextualised this with the verse about God working for good in all things, and explained a better translation is that God shakes things up to work for good. Mmmm... yes I often feel quite shaky. But then he starts talking about the major Christian Revival that is certainly coming to the UK and I'm beginning to feel enthused with life all of a sudden. Oh I do love Jesus... isn't he so very wonderful?

Hebrews 12:28 Since we are receiving a Kingdom that is unshakable, let us be thankful and please God by worshiping him with holy fear and awe.’ (NLT)

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