Monday, November 19, 2012


Our future need not be determined by our history. And whilst the past, for better or for worse, most certainly shapes who we are today, we can always decide that the future can become different. Very different. So today I am bereaved, indeed widowed, and still walking through my journey of grief. Yeah, I’ve sure come a long way but still one or two hurdles to get past at the moment. Why are supermarkets so difficult to deal with? Most visits I’m pretty much ok, but a couple of days ago I once again found tears streaming down my face, as I remembered that Jane was no longer by my side, on this most mundane of chores. Ugh! Anyway I’m not as bad as I once was, just not quite there, that’s all.

Today was a big challenge, as I ventured out to Calke Abbey, an old National Trust favourite, filled with so many wonderful memories… like taking grandkids on craft days, Christmas lantern walks and all the rest of it. A couple of years ago we watched Autumnwatch, a BBC Natural History programme mostly with live outdoor programming; and they had a wonderful feature on rutting stags. So let’s go see them strut their stuff we thought at good old Calke, and yes they can’t half roar when they choose to, these truly noble beasts! Of course today Jane was missing so got to be sad? Naah, not too much anyway, as it turned out to be great having the company of a new friend I very recently met, and found myself chattering about everything under the sun! Nicely distracting and very understanding of my recent journey…

I occasionally wonder about my family history and wonder what effect my heritage has upon who I am. So whilst any research I do only points toward ancestors in relatively commonplace workplaces, there’s always the thought that somewhere back down the line I might find that royal link, a famous person in history or whatever. I suppose even a genuine certified rogue would bring a little colour into my trawling through ancient censuses though! But the best I can come up with, for better or for worse is an apparent namesake as founder of the Knights Templar, though as no certifiable lineage pretty meaningless. So is my future destiny one of overwhelming mediocrity, just a normal life, same as almost everyone I ever meet? Well no, I just don’t accept that, though the full outworking may well have to wait for my entry into the next life. Yes, the fact of the matter is that I do actually have royal connections, ‘cause my brother is a King. Actually the greatest King who ever lived… his name is Jesus. So yeh, now I know true nobility. Wow… that’s a thought to ponder on for sure. Where’s my bodyguard? And fancy limo to get me to the royal palace. Hey, what about a helicopter… that would help me escape from Sainsbury’s a little quicker next time out! Cool or what?

Romans 8:15 ‘he adopted you as his own children. Now we call him, “Abba, Father”’ (NLT)

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