Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Lord's My Shepherd

Choosing right from wrong can sometimes be a real challenge. And I'm not thinking about the obvious inner/outer battle to do with Christian morality and behaviour. No, I'm talking about discerning God’s guidance for my life. So do I believe that the Lord has a plan, a pathway that he would have me walk down? In the large and the small things of life? Well, yes but only up to a point! I've met folk who sincerely believe that the Lord’s guidance goes right down to the smallest detail of their every activity, even including what they would wear. Yep, what colour tie and everything! And who am I to dispute their core belief, though it for sure wouldn't work for me. Well surely our journey is more a partnership than a dictatorship; the Lord may well hold the universe together by the power of his word but his intent is that we live freely and explore our own inner creativity. So on the fairly rare days I actually need to wear my suit, if I want to wear my Mickey Mouse chasing a lump of cheese tie… I really don’t think the Lord minds at all! It’s completely up to me.

Likewise my longing for a walk across Kedleston Park this morning. Yes my body is crying out for the sunshine fix of vitamin D, it works a treat with me/cfs every time I escape to the big outdoors. My photo was taken a couple of weeks ago and I'm sorry to report I've not been well enough to visit since then. Today I probably could have taken the morning air and benefited quite nicely but chose instead to clean my house. Why on earth would the Lord have any opinion whatsoever on my choice of priority today? He doesn't mind one bit about such things… yeah, yeah, my house never gets too bad anyway. Bit behind on decorating that’s all! And at least it was relatively tidy when my daughter and son-in-law turned up with all the ingredients for an amazing little meal.

But there are some decisions we make that really do demand a little help from on high. So not a little prayer, but a big one with lot’s of waiting on the Lord, seeking wisdom and discernment and favour. But then when we do make our choice, I've found that as we include him in the reckoning, the Lord always stands with us in the outworking. I'm thinking about things like where we live, career, church and suchlike, as well as and in some ways more importantly, our choice of friends. Yes, who we spend time with can have an enormous influence on behaviour, attitudes and faith. So most certainly I want Jesus to be my best friend! Alongside a few other special folk of course…

Psalm 23:2 He lets me rest in green meadows; he leads me beside peaceful streams.’ (NLT)

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