Sunday, July 10, 2011

10th July

Today’s been a nice day. The sun’s been shining and I feel completely at peace with the world. Yesterday I seemed to have a whole chain of little things going wrong… I’m still a beginner at this cooking lark and at lunchtime I prepared a very nice omelette mix with my last two eggs, spicy sauce and pepper. I started frying an onion to add some body, turned for a second and quite neatly elbowed the egg mixture straight down the sink plughole. The campsite shop rescued me that time. But later on for my evening meal when I took my visually under-done pizza out of the oven it turned out to be rock hard and though very tasty obviously over-cooked. But I’m learning. Then as the sun went down I went to close my blinds and discovered one had completely lost it’s wind-ability and that entailed quite a fiddly dismantling job late at night to repair and re-spring it.

Today I feel all is well once again and I’m enjoying the favour of God, as I was yesterday really. I went to church again this morning and as I was a little early I sat on the sea front for a few minutes to pass the time and soak up the atmosphere. And then I had a wonderful experience which was really the extreme opposite of the horrible one I related yesterday. I enjoy listening to the blues so of all things I was listening as always to a quite loud ZZ Tops on my MP3 player, but God somehow is able to ignore my rather worldly musical tastes. Anyway as I sat down on a bench looking out to sea I felt a lightness in my spirit and started reaching out to the Lord in wordless prayer. And it was as though the most incredible peace came and filled my very being. The presence of God was with me in a powerful way and I am so very grateful that I am not alone and he wants me to know it.

There’s not a cloud in the sky and it seems a shame but I really need to return home, so tomorrow morning I’m gonna face the motorway tedium on my own one more time. But at least I get to choose where to stop for break I suppose. That’s a privilege I never wanted…

Acts 14:22 ‘It is necessary to pass through many troubles on our way into the kingdom of God.’ (HCSB)

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