Saturday, April 14, 2012

14th April 2012

It’s frustrating and slightly annoying, when I see health continuing to deteriorate and I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing wrong. Today the headaches have restarted, not as bad as it can be, but still barely relived with normal painkillers. I feel very weak as well. A short walk to nearby shops left me feeling slightly dizzy. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is rubbish. I’ve said that before I’m sure, but I’ve also said many times that I’m determined to overcome this condition. And with God’s help that remains my firm intention. One good thing is that I actually feel relatively cheerful and that must help. But this morning I enjoyed my daughter and grand-daughter’s company for an hour or so, and I guess that has something to do with it. I always feel it’s such a privilege that my family choose to come visit so regularly and that’s three days this week I’ve seen this particular grandchild. And she always has such a lovely smile when I see her as well. Nothing to do with chocolate this morning as they brought their own treat… garlic bread warmed in my oven of all things. I’ll have to remember that one. Anyway this afternoon I took their example to heart and visited my own parents. My dad seems fully recovered from his time in hospital, though our conversation spread towards getting a wheelchair to help my mum get about. That’s a sad thought but she really does struggle to walk far.

My photo today is not exactly recent! Yes that’s a particularly slim Dave back in 1975. I don’t want to grow old. Who does? Or remain ill for a day longer than necessary. No-brainer! I know I can be quite stubborn at times. Who isn’t? But at least I can channel that particular character trait towards staying as young and fit as possible. This afternoon, as I was driving home, a young woman halted by the side of the road waiting for me to pass by. She’d obviously been out running, having bright red cheeks with all the gear, and apparently welcomed having to halt and then walk a few yards before restarting her run. I remembered my own running days, many years ago, and could almost feel the buzz that comes from such prolonged exercise. I recall leaving the house at 6.30am, quite regularly, for a short run around Allestree before helping get the kids up. During a different period of my life, when I suffered a serious back injury, I took up swimming and would manage maybe a mile at a time barely using my legs at all. And I did this maybe 3 or 4 days each week until I returned to work. Again, the ongoing glow of strength and fitness was quite addictive. I want some of that please.

Philippians 4:13 For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.’ (NLT)

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