Wednesday, April 13, 2011

13th April

‘Steady as she goes’ was the order given when ships were taken through difficult waters. And it most certainly is the order of the day for us at the moment. It’s been another quiet and peaceful day with Jane making slow but steady progress recovering from the trauma of the past week. A steady flow of phone calls and texts keep us both encouraged and also connected with the outside world. Visits from close family were very welcome especially bearing gifts of food… fish pie followed by home-made trifle!

I have to admit that at times over the past few years I have found myself asking the question ‘where is the favour of God in my life?’ because of the challenges of ill health that both Jane and I have faced. And yet despite major problems it has always been so easy to find areas of our lives where we have been blessed out of our socks. We do have a special marriage and our children, their partners and our grandchildren are each one so very precious; and that’s only for starters as there is so much more to be grateful for. However ill health is not the only area of disappointment we’ve battled with for a long time now and today we have good news of God’s favour being released. Our son-in-law has been trying to find a new job for over a year and finding employment in what seems to be a shrinking charity sector has to be challenging. Anyway today we’ve heard he’s got a new job so thank you God… it feels as though the tide has turned and that particular storm has now quietened. Let peace and the favour of God prevail in every area of our life.

Psalm 5v12 ‘For you bless the godly, O Lord; you surround them with your shield of love.’ (NIV)

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