Sunday, April 17, 2011

17th April

So ‘let’s take the morning air’ I thought, and then ‘let’s have lunch’, and before we know it we’ve had a wonderful 5 hours sitting in the garden. Even more encouraging Jane spent half that time without oxygen. Thank you Lord! Jane remains reasonably comfortable with no pain and with careful activity management has little or no severe breathlessness which would tend to be accompanied by coughing. She remains very weak and tired but is quite cheerful and is even planning a family get-together at Easter… a big step up from just two or three visitors at a time.

And tomorrow, Monday, we go back to Nottingham City Hospital for Jane to have an x-ray and consultation about a permanent drain being fitted. But she has been improving in strength and breathing since last week so I am determined to remain in faith for a release of God’s favour and healing… whenever that is and whatever it looks like.

Psalm 41:2 ‘The Lord protects them and keeps them alive.’ (NLT)

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