Thursday, April 07, 2011

7th April

It’s been a very simple day very similar to yesterday. Jane is relatively comfortable and not particularly suffering any pain at the moment. Living in such a closed environment is never easy especially when the proposed exit is via a minor op with all its attendant risks. Being pressed to make a decision on resuscitation should it become necessary only adds to the apprehension Jane quite naturally feels. But she is an amazing woman strong and determined in her faith journey and basically is handling this ultimate challenge remarkably well. In her quite extreme tiredness there are certainly moments of distress and expressions of concern, but no fear and certainly no hint of panic… just a quiet determination to keep a hold of Godly peace. This evening we watched a Christian podcast with the co-incidental theme of knowing God’s peace in the midst of the storm.

We found the sunny garden again which was nice and then our two granddaughters were caring enough to make the journey from Derby to Nottingham for the second day on the run. They are very special friends even though they’re only at primary school and they understand quite well what Jane’s situation is especially as their other granddad passed away only last year.

Jane’s op is programmed for some time tomorrow Friday and she’s been told she’ll be in hospital until after the weekend… first thing Friday I have my own routine age related medical and also x-ray and blood test results. I find it difficult to take any interest in it though.

Acts 10:36 This is the message of Good News… there is peace with God through Jesus Christ, who is Lord of all.’ (NLT)

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