Friday, April 08, 2011

8th April

It’s a little bizarre but I have to say I almost enjoyed today! Very early this morning I found myself feeling quite joyful and that didn’t feel right as Jane was programmed to have a mini op and I had test results and a medical. I should have been feeling nervous and concerned but I wasn’t which was rather confusing. Anyway I spoke to Jane and she too seemed totally at peace and comfortable with having her lung drain procedure. I prayed with her and left her to a 9.15am transport to radiology which happened to be the exact same time of my own appointment.

Jane was back on the ward just after 10am having had a totally pain free procedure to insert the drain into her back accessing the cavity around her lung. She’ll be trying not to trip over the accompanying bucket for the weekend we expect before having it removed. It’s not easy to understand how much of Jane’s recent problems are caused by fluid build-up and how much by the great big lumps of cancer but we have to be hopeful of some good restoration of health in the immediate future. We remain determined to keep petitioning the Lord for a healing miracle. And Jane did have a miraculous encounter with God which explains her peace this morning. She reports that all through last night and also on the way down to radiology it felt as though Jesus was holding her hand… and why wouldn’t he? I know I would and he loves and cares for Jane far more than I ever could!

So… with both portable oxygen and a length of tube filling up a bucket we couldn’t make the outdoor garden today. But we did escape to a balcony accessed directly from the ward and I almost got sunburnt sitting outdoors for an hour or two. This is the life! And then a phone call to put the icing on a splendid cake… our daughter in Loughborough wanted to visit and bring our two youngest grandchildren to visit. Yesterday Jane couldn’t speak without coughing… tonight she actually partially sang the Robin Hood song to our grandson!

Oh, and my medical and all tests confirm I’m fighting fit, apart from the M.E. thing, and have no abnormal risk of cardiovascular disease whatsoever. I wonder if it’s possible for good health to become infectious…

Psalm 28:7 ‘The Lord is my strength and shield. I trust him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving.’ (NLT)

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