Thursday, April 21, 2011

21st April

The sun keeps on shining with high summer temperatures and it’s forgotten how to rain, which doesn’t quite fit our perception of traditional spring weather and April showers. And that has me thinking about our on-going health situation… it doesn’t quite fit our perception of how things should be in this season of our lives! I guess though we have this in common with just about any normal person similarly afflicted. So is it wrong to keep rejecting the predictions of medical experts? Is this simply a normal predicted stage in processing a diagnosis of terminal cancer?

Are we therefore simply in denial? In one way I have to say yes to this last question… and with stubborn simple determination. Of course we have to recognise the reality of Jane’s condition and the prognosis of her consultant oncologist, but alongside that we have to recognise the reality of God at work in our lives and his prognosis! Nothing is impossible for Almighty God, our God, who formed the universe by speaking it into existence. Sometimes we have to take a step of faith, and that is at the very heart of Christian life… it begins with speaking out that which we believe, that which we hope for, that which we are praying will come to pass.

Oh… and Jane’s had another good day, spending a lot of time in the garden, entertaining visitors and taking an interest in life’s on-going minutia. So is our rhododendron worth keeping with such severe frost damage after last winter? If only a relatively good day could grow into a genuinely good day.

Oh Lord please heal my wife! Let every cancer cell die, let there be healthy organs and tissue in the whole of Jane’s body. Have mercy Lord, have mercy…

Hebrews 11v1 ‘Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.’ (NLT)

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