Thursday, February 24, 2011

24th Feb Chemo Day 3

I need to ramble… one of our favourite holiday places used to be the Lake District. The long climbs exploring fells with amazing views of spectacular lakes is perhaps to remain a memory until youthful vigour is rediscovered, but I remember climbing to a particularly beautiful view and wandering over the tops; there were no real paths, grass was short and vegetation sparse. The only trails were made by sheep and seemingly led nowhere. Even they were uneven and great care had to be taken to avoid turning an ankle or slipping down the occasional scree. Many a small stream had to be crossed chancing a slip into ankle deep water. We’d found a large rock to sit with our children to eat our picnic when suddenly the wind picked up and a cloud came over sprinkling us with just a hint of snow so we rapidly made our way down to a more favourable late spring climate. It was tiring, a little challenging but quite satisfying completing our walk safely.

I only got lost once. It was actually in Derbyshire and we’d picked a forest waymarked trail to enjoy a short 2 mile walk. Unfortunately there was a diversion from the trail due to tree felling. We continued and missed the sign taking us back on to the marked route. Several hours and maybe 6 miles later we found our car again. In my head I knew we were bordered by a triangle of roads not so many miles long… we just had to keep walking around a large hill so we weren’t really lost we just didn’t know where the path back to the car was.

Life feels a little like that… quite a rocky and uncertain road we travel on, the challenge is immense, but the goal is achievable and quite spectacular. The views along the way are lousy though.

Jane had an awful night last night, again coughing and unable to breathe properly. I spoke to the chemo team in Nottingham so she’s taken morphine tonight to try and help sleep. I’m looking into maybe getting a supply of oxygen to help her as well. On the positive side today was much better though and we even were able to visit our grand-daughter for an hour to celebrate her 9th birthday. We love our grandkids and are chuffed to bits with how both of our elder daughters have chosen fantastic husbands and are raising such delightful children. Our youngest daughter has chosen a very special partner as well! But our son seems quite content wed to his computer… but he’s still young, though I seem to remember buying my first house and starting a family when I was 23!

I was just thinking of a Bible verse often seen as a picture of the church looking to the coming of Jesus Christ… no obstacle is too great for him!

Song of Songs 2v8 ‘Listen! My beloved! Look! Here he comes, leaping across the mountains, bounding over the hills’ (NIV)

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