Monday, February 14, 2011

14th Feb 3.25am

I feel like I need to have a bit of a moan… forgive me but I need to be real or my other blogs would be a false representation of how I feel! My laptop says it’s Sunday, my watch says it’s almost 11pm and I know we only came to the hospital yesterday, but my internal clock says I’ve been sat in this hospital waiting, waiting, waiting for ever. Nothing happens quickly and I guess observation and allowing things to take their course is all part of it but sitting in an isolated side room with a single bed so no company, no TV and no mobile signal for a couple of days is pretty rubbish. Collecting Costa Coffee stamps for a free cuppa is not that engaging. Thank God for my laptop and a box set of Frasier to smile away the hours!  The day was broken up quite nicely at mid-day with a CT scan but then an anxious 6 hour wait for results leaves us both feeling rather edgy. Being informed of the need for a minor procedure, to be undertaken within an hour or so now 5 hours ago and counting seems par for the course as well. But the real good news is that there is no sign of a blood clot and Jane can get in and out of bed without help and doesn’t look likely to need a wheelchair to get to the car.

It’s now 2am and Jane has just had fluid taken from around her lung… a frightening prospect but in reality quite fascinating and seemingly straightforward. The doctor was wonderfully gentle, kind and modestly skilful as are the ward staff that have been so friendly and helpful. Jane finished it all off with a cup of tea whilst gracefully declining the offer of sandwiches and is quite the most remarkable stalwart when it comes to having needles and tubes inserted here there and everywhere. An X-ray in the morning and she should then be discharged. It’s unclear what real benefit there will be from this procedure as the real problem may have been caused by the cancers but at least through today the pain has eased a lot and hopefully the breathing problems will be helped when she gets back in the real world.

Two of our wonderful daughters came and entertained Jane for an hour or two this afternoon, so in the big picture, despite my frustration it’s been a really good day. Time for home and a really late Sunday lunch… hot chocolate and toast with a yoghurt to follow sounds quick and easy!

1 Corinthians 13v4  ‘Love is patient’ (NIV)

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Matt Page said...

Feel free to have a moan when you need to Dave. I can't begin to imagine how tough this must be for you as well as Jane. I'm praying for you both,