Friday, February 04, 2011

4th Feb Day of Prayer

At our weekly church prayer meeting this morning I was encouraged to stir up prayer for Jane via the internet. Only a miracle through divine intervention can save Jane as though the doctors offer no hope for a cure we continue to believe that Jesus Christ has the answer for every sickness. The group encouraged us by taking up a suggestion of a specific day of prayer and fasting for Jane (maybe just missing breakfast?) next Friday the 11th February. After some thought I decided to open a blog for those who might continue this journey past a single day of prayer and hope to keep it updated with a glimpse of Dave and Jane world as often as possible. God answers prayer! As an encouragement… at the meeting this morning we prayed for the unemployed young people we know and I specifically prayed for my son that he would find work. Whilst I was out he received a message inviting him to interview for an apprenticeship in telecommunications. After 15 months as a school cleaner and no interviews for many months that sounds pretty good to me, he just needs to be at his best at interview!

Jane has started to show symptoms over the past couple of months which are causing a lot of concern. Doctors say she now has large cancerous growths in both lungs, a very rare cancer called leiomyosarcoma originating in her womb. She suffers severe pain, some coughing and breathing difficulties. After much consideration Jane has just decided to go through further chemotherapy which is the only treatment offered at the moment. The challenge as always with this treatment is the uncertainty of a good outcome, maybe fifty-fifty, balanced with the ‘certainty’ of toxic side effects.

We continue our faith journey trusting that God is always good and in perfect control of every tiny detail of our lives. We give thanks for his wonderful favour over our lives as he is blessing us with so many good things. We have the most loving caring family and each one of them is a very special friend… especially our grandchildren! We are regularly amazed at the number of people, including some who barely know us, who say they are praying for Jane and for those that are we say a big big thank you.

Please pray for God’s favour and mercy with relief from adverse symptoms, effective treatment without side effects and a complete work of healing and restoration.

Psalm 118v17 ‘I will not die; instead I will live to tell what the Lord has done.’ (NLT)

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