Sunday, February 06, 2011

6th Feb

An encouraging weekend… God really does answer prayer! Jane had a difficult Friday night with disturbed sleep, a problem she’s had recently due to either breathing or coughing problems. Friends from church called by and prayed with us Saturday lunchtime. Net result was a really good night’s sleep last night. Thank you God!

And we had a fun time this afternoon as Jane was strong enough to go to Darley Abbey village hall with grandchildren in tow watching their dad play a king in amateur panto. Very polished and thoroughly enjoyable including the only slightly risqué traditional pantomime dames who were quite hilarious.

We really appreciate all those who are praying especially during the meeting in Kilburn tonight and I believe the new church in Penzance. A big day tomorrow as Jane has an appointment in Nottingham to sign up for her starting a new chemotherapy treatment… not looking forward to that again at all.

Mark 16v17,18 ‘And these signs will accompany those who believe… when they drink deadly poison it will not hurt them at all’ (NIV)

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