Monday, February 28, 2011

28th Feb Chemo Day 7

The voice of God… does God speak? The Bible is full of verses recording his words and indeed begins with God speaking creation and history into existence… ‘Let there be light, and there was light’. Some four thousand years of God speaking to man are recorded with amazing accuracy often in the form of prophesy sometimes centuries ahead of historical events. It finishes with the words of Christ ‘Yes I am coming soon’; though some might say a clearer understanding would be ‘Yes I am coming suddenly’ indicating the nature of his coming rather than the timing. Elsewhere we see that Christ shall come when least expected and that certainly fits most of our society today. In its plainest reading the Bible suggests that the world is actually only about six thousand years old to date and I believe that almost everything is now in place for the return of Christ! A fascinating book the Bible when you study it… and even more so if you dare to believe it to be truly the word of God!

So does God speak? And what might he be saying to us today? One thing is for sure, the Bible has many promises revealing God’s pleasure in restoring, healing, delivering and providing for man’s every need. He is truly the God of love! One day there will be judgement of how we lived, but today is the day of grace, the day of favour and the day of opportunity to receive Christ as our Saviour. All good things come from heaven above!

So… has God specifically told me that Jane will be healed? Now… in this lifetime not just in eternity? I have to say that I don’t hear him saying that, but then again he hasn’t said that now is his time for Jane to be taken to himself! Until he does, and we all die one day unless he returns first, we are determined to live with hope and expectation not just of God’s favour but also for a miracle that we might tell of his goodness! What I have heard him say to me is simply that I should not be concerned, everything’s taken care of.

Jane did hear God speak to her this morning... two simple words ‘No cough’. Our response has been simply to keep speaking that out as a step of faith whilst continuing to pray for healing. Last night was not that good a night with coughing and some pain disturbing sleep again… but through the day I have to say that the cough seems to have improved quite a lot which has to be good! We are trusting that this is a turning point as Jane needs to be strong enough for more chemo tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday). Our faithful eldest daughter called round with the girls this evening and cooked us a fabulous meal of fresh haddock, cheese sauce and roast vegetables… yummy!

Psalm 91v14 ‘The Lord says, “I will rescue those who love me. I will protect those who trust in my name.’(NLT)

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