Tuesday, March 01, 2011

1st March Chemo Day 8

Into the fiery furnace once again and indeed we did walk with the angels! Yes the chemo clinic really is a place where the heat is turned up and yet the staff are so friendly and caring, the other patients so brave that it really felt like God was truly with us fighting this battle for life. Although a very long day it all went well for Jane. We were asked to attend 90 minutes early for tests to ensure Jane was well enough to proceed and yes she was which was a relief, but not really a surprise as she has continued to grow stronger each day. Her coughing and wheezing is much better compared with a few days ago which is so encouraging and pain seems to be improving as well. We trust that the chemo she had last week is doing its job and beginning to shrink the tumours.

Although I’ve suggested that the heat has been turned up in one sense the opposite is the case. Jane was able to endure an ice cap for a couple of hours whilst she received the chemo drugs in order to try and prevent hair loss. We should know within a couple of weeks or so if it has succeeded. Another bizarre side effect of chemotherapy I’ve realised is that Jane has unusual cravings for food… perhaps comparable to when she was pregnant many years ago. Last week a day or so after having chemo around 8pm one evening she suddenly decided she needed trifle! My son and I were dispatched on a trifle hunt, quite successful and prompting my son, a few days later, to construct a much healthier home-made version. Today was much, much stranger for those who really know us… she asked for a late lunch at MacDonald’s whilst we waited for results from blood tests. I could never have imagined visiting such a place without grandchildren accompanying us and still feel a little wobbly after the experience!

We were encouraged by having opportunities to share our faith journey with different folk and it’s a real privilege to respond to some quite tragic stories that we’ve heard today. There are some very special people around going through some truly horrible experiences. We all need a touch of God in our lives.

Looking forward to tomorrow and a much more normal day.

Daniel 3v27 ‘… the fire had not touched them. Not a hair on their head was singed, and their clothing was not scorched.’ (NLT)

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