Wednesday, March 16, 2011

16th March Chemo Day 23

It’s been a day of recovery, quite chilled out and much needed respite from recent pressures. Jane remains massively weakened and unable to walk even a couple of steps without becoming breathless and she soon starts to cough. But she perseveres with the occasional small chore to keep moving as best as she can. Learning to live very slowly is the order of the day and the gentle purring and popping of the oxygen machine our constant companion. Although hard to measure it seems to me that Jane’s overall condition is somewhat improved compared with the past couple of weeks, but whether that is purely down to symptom management as compared with a real recovery I couldn’t  really judge. Week by week she’s adding to the list of prescription drugs she needs to either take or have available… chemotherapy really does result in having to manage all manner of potential and real problems. It’s sometimes quite a balancing act and we try and use diet to help as much as possible particularly with digestive problems. Jane’s appetite and enthusiasm for food remains quite unaffected!

She avoided taking morphine this morning and that certainly improves mental alertness right through the day. A couple of days after each of the two infusions of the first chemo cycle Jane succumbed to extreme fatigue and horrible ill feelings. Wouldn’t it be good if she were able to avoid that tomorrow?

Isaiah 56v1 ‘This is what the Lord says: “… I am coming soon to rescue you”’ (NLT)

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