Sunday, March 20, 2011

20th March Chemo Day 27

No real change today… Jane still feels pretty grotty! It’s been another really slow day, interrupted with a special treat as our two youngest grandchildren came for lunch. They’re great and mum’s a rather special cook as well. I was surprised this afternoon as after I’d set Jane up to go window shopping on the internet I settled in to read my book, and then well over an hour later I realised she was still wide awake and quite happy browsing. But this is not life, certainly not our idea of living a full life. Long term illness is quite horrid; it drags you down and tries to distort every activity. There is another way of seeing things which we need to keep hold of, the Bible talks of us being seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus, seeing as he sees from the position of perfect understanding. It talks of God working for good in every situation that we find ourselves in. It talks of the joy of the Lord being our strength… and we need to always fix our eyes on Jesus who is the author and perfecter of our faith.  

As always it’s hard to measure but it seems that Jane is very slowly making progress, even if sometimes it feels a little like a roller coaster ride… with probably a few more ups as in uphill ups than downs.

Psalm 102v13 ‘…it is time to show favour to her; the appointed time has come.’ (NIV)

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