Tuesday, March 29, 2011

29th March Chemo Day 36

A really difficult day for Jane. She’s been so exhausted she can hardly move and even eating has become a real challenge. There’s no way she can finish even a cup of tea let alone a meal at the moment although at least she needs very few calories for the little activity she does do. Somehow we need to increase her energy food intake which might help a little. She’s still fighting a number of hopefully minor problems but at least her sore mouth is very slightly improving. We have to keep a careful eye on her problems as there is potential for a more serious condition to develop needing professional help. There has to be a turning point very soon when she’ll start to regain strength and recover from the side effects. This is no way to live.

Without the Lord to carry us through this I think we would just give up. It’s too hard. Somehow though we will persevere and reach our destination walking with God by our side no matter what is thrown across our path. It’s wonderful having such a close friend in Jane as when one of us wavers the other is there to encourage and support. We still continue to debate some of the issues of the day and take close interest in world affairs at the moment. I find it quite intriguing comparing for example Russian, Israeli and some Christian news sites with our very own BBC. We certainly don’t get a complete picture of what’s happening.

Psalm 28:7 ‘The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me.’ (NIV)

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