Wednesday, March 30, 2011

30th March Chemo Day 37

Jane remains totally wiped out with occasional hot flushes and waves of ill feelings adding to her malaise today. It really takes the greatest effort to do anything and her sense of taste and smell have changed somewhat complicating things further when trying to eat. It’s now around 7.30pm though and Jane has only just felt the need to use oxygen and it seems she is less and less dependent as the days pass. This has to be encouraging as relieving coughing and improving breathing is hopefully a sign that lesions are shrinking… but the price is high. We should get a clearer insight at next Monday’s consultation as Jane has a CT scan this Friday. Getting her to Nottingham and through a scan would be almost impossible today so we have to believe she’ll recover somewhat very soon. 

We continue to keep our eyes fixed firmly upon the Lord despite being so very weary. This morning we enjoyed a good time of worship and found an interesting Bible story to think about. 2 Kings 20 tells the story of King Hezekiah who was deathly ill possibly with something like shingles. The Lord told him to set his affairs in order as he was going to die. He refused to accept this, even though it was the word of the Lord, and so he pleaded with God reminding him of his faithfulness and service. God’s response was to change his mind and grant 15 more years to Hezekiah’s life. He was healed using the medicine of the time. Nothing is set in stone. We know what the doctors are saying… the real question what is God saying about Jane’s life?

Matthew 12:15 ‘ …many people followed him. He healed all the sick among them’ (NLT)

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