Saturday, March 26, 2011

26th March Chemo Day 33

At least we’ve got a pretty good idea of what is causing some of Jane’s problems today and we can expect them to pass in fairly short order. Chemotherapy is a quite horrid ordeal and today has been quite rubbish although, undergirding Jane’s current problems her breathing and coughing continues to slowly improve. She didn’t bother with oxygen for an extended period again this morning which is encouraging, if only she didn’t feel so ill and so absolutely exhausted! A new problem with a really sore mouth is most unwelcome…

Sometimes we reach the end of our own ability to cope with things. Jane basically needs 24/7 care now and while that’s no real problem I don’t feel that I have any spare capacity for anything more. I know that whatever the need God is the answer but I wonder if I’m setting aside enough time to seek him in prayer… I’m just so glad he not only understands our weakness but even carries us through them.

Psalm 18v16 ‘He reached down from heaven and rescued me.’ (NLT)

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