Tuesday, March 22, 2011

22nd March Chemo Day 29

It’s been Jane’s best day for quite a while with no need for oxygen all day despite being quite active getting to Nottingham hospital. I’m feeling rather tired as I woke about 3am with a migraine and was unable to take painkillers due to a fasting blood test I needed to have at hospital… anyway I take far too many and need to cope without them somehow. Life is real fun sometimes!

It seems to me that Jane’s breathing continues to improve and her cough is much better. She’s a lot stronger now than after chemo last Tuesday even though it’s still a 7 hour round trip to the clinic. We did manage to escape for an hour to a hospital garden where we enjoyed the spring sunshine whilst waiting for blood test results. Basically all went well and Jane managed the ice cap again with only the briefest of silent wincing as it froze her scalp for the next two hours. She’s a tough one is my Jane!

Psalm 143v1 ‘Hear my prayer, O Lord; listen to my plea!’ (NLT)

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