Tuesday, February 15, 2011

15th Feb

All quiet on the home front… it’s been a peaceful and quiet day, surrounded by caring friends and family relaxing and recovering from the stress of the weekend. It’s been lovely having a trickle of phone calls and visitors and it feels as though we are being carried by a wave of prayer and offers of help. It’s great to know that when times are hard so many people still rally to the needy even when they’re so busy themselves. Our house is filling up quite nicely with flowers!

Whilst it feels great and we are massively thankful for so many well-wishers there is only one who can truly give us what we really want. The Lord and he alone is our healer… we need a miracle for Jane to be delivered from the scourge of cancer. Prayer is the key. A big encouragement this morning was when our church pastor phoned not just to offer help but especially to let us know that the church continues to pray for Jane. Perhaps it is not just co-incidence that our church is having an early morning prayer meeting every day this week plus several other daytime and evenings reaching out to God for a release into the miraculous especially in the gift of healing. This has been programmed for some weeks now and is related to a series of meetings we’re holding next week but nice timing I say!

Jane is fairly comfortable right now apart from not being able to get the cat in out of the rain… her coughing and chest pain remain moderated being loads better than the end of last week. We’ve had to cancel today’s appointment for new patient introduction to chemotherapy. But she’s been through that before and we think all necessary tests are already in place so a final decision to start next week may still be made by her oncologist at his normal clinic next Monday.

Psalm 91v2 ‘This I declare about the Lord he alone is my refuge my place of safety, he is my God and I trust him’ (NLT)

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