Wednesday, February 16, 2011

16th Feb

After the drama of the weekend comes a slow return to some sort of normality. Life has to be very simple at the moment… eating, resting, sleeping and maybe a little shopping is about all we can cope with. But that’s fine whilst we recover strength for the next ‘battle’… and although the scriptures show quite clearly ‘the battle is the Lords’ appropriating his victory over our difficulties is a level of maturity as a Christian that I have yet to grow fully into. I believe that there is so much more than the grace of God, wonderful and perhaps complete as that is, to carry us through the trials of life. He speaks into every life and every situation… I know that Christ died in my place that all my wrongs can be forgiven. I am reconciled to God in heaven, able to stand before him without condemnation. His love conquers all my fear and he took upon himself the sickness of the world, but when I read the gospels I see a power and true wisdom that is difficult to find in the world around us today. Christ healed all who came to him whilst he walked the earth and from what I see every dead person he came across was raised back to life! I’ve seen and experienced a number of quite miraculous healings and other miracles but I can’t honestly say this is normality. I sort of think that it should be…

Jane had a difficult night tossing and turning finding sleep rather elusive. Today she has been totally exhausted struggling to function at all and yet still rising to life’s challenge when opportunity was there. A Christian TV host put his foot in it when reviewing a UK news item covering obesity… Jane insisted on composing and posting a comment on their website thinking of how challenged the USA is in the same area! This warrior still fights.

The coughing, breathing problems and pain remain but still somewhat moderated. She really does need to regain strength for next week’s appointments to Nottingham City Hospital.

Psalm 91v3 ‘For he will rescue you from every trap and protect you from deadly disease’ (NLT)

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