Sunday, February 20, 2011

20th Feb

Another encouraging day so I’d feel like I need to stir up faith by remembering some answers to prayer. Tonight the visiting preacher spoke at our church. He was asked to visit Great Ormond St Hospital and prayed for a young child who’d been run over. The child was very seriously injured with crush injuries to multiple internal organs and given little hope for survival. The family and doctors were amazed when soon after the child was seen standing up in his cot playing with a balloon. After tests the child was discharged and remains quite well several years later. He related other stories of people he’d prayed for with terminal cancer with exactly the same outcome… complete healing and long life. I know that God heals today!

I was once privileged to be part of a worship team when Reinhard Bonnke visited Derby Assembly Rooms. Being on stage I saw at close quarters the lame walking and other unquestionable miracles. It was fascinating seeing a collection of crutches and sticks being left on stage and folk pushing wheelchairs no longer needed! I’ve also served in prayer rooms at many large meetings including for the now deceased Derek Prince who had a particularly dramatic gift of healing and deliverance from the demonic. I know that God heals today!

20 years ago I ended up in a wheelchair after an accident damaged my back, I was prayed for and immediately climbed out of the chair and pushed it half a mile back to our caravan pitch… we’d managed with help to get to a Christian camp. Prior to this I’d spent 3 months bedbound in agony living on prescription painkillers. A couple of years ago we were travelling to a meeting looking for prayer and on the journey there without specific prayer Jane was completely healed of degeneration of the hips… diagnosed by her GP and treated unsuccessfully with a program of physiotherapy. Shortly after this I was in a meeting when a word of knowledge spoke of a person falling down a ladder and damaging their left shoulder. I’d suffered a lot of pain and immobility for 6 years with exactly that problem and was completely and instantaneously healed! I know that God heals today!

Not too bad a night for Jane followed by a good day… including another visit by our wonderful daughter Mel and family. Jane made it to the meeting tonight and was prayed for. It’s hard to say what’s happening but she knows that something felt different inside her lungs. Anyway we arrived home and enjoyed a time of worship…  Jane was able to sing several songs a marked difference from this morning when she became breathless after trying to sing even a few lines of a song. I know that God heals today!

Hospital and another x-ray Monday afternoon for discussion about chemotherapy… I know that God heals today!

Psalm 34v17 'The righteous cry out and the Lord hears them' (NIV)

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