Wednesday, May 04, 2011

4th May

This morning we decided Jane had a potential problem that needed looking at. For a few days she’s had a swelling in the middle of her back beginning to grow and we could only guess at what was causing it and whether treatment of some sort was possible or necessary. Our presumption was that she would be admitted to hospital but we decided to check it out at her GP’s first. Turns out it’s some sort of cyst under the skin and nothing to do with Jane’s lung problems so no hospital admission is necessary which is a major relief. There’s something about the reassurance of a medical examination and an encouraging diagnosis that helps with relaxation, and that helps with breathing. But one more medical professional saying there will be no miracle for Jane is always frustrating… the NHS may be out of miracles but my God is always able to provide for all our needs and we need one of his miracles.

After that initial drama the rest of the day has been quite restful and brightened up nicely when our older grand-daughters came to visit after school. They’re great!

Deuteronomy 33:26 ‘There is no one like the God of Israel. He rides across the heavens to help you, across the skies in majestic splendour.’ (NLT)

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