Tuesday, September 13, 2011

13th September

Ok I’m back on track today then; I’m talking about my afternoon hike through the woods. And although there was only minor damage from the high winds, some of the branches that came down could easily have spoilt my day if I’d been under them when they fell. I really enjoy my time outdoors and especially the feeling of being close to the Lord. Although I know that the Lord is totally with me wherever I am, whether it be at home, in the car, or walking through the woods there’s something important about responding to the Lord’s prompting. And he wants to meet with me on my walks.

But before that and despite waking with a headache, I made it to the church early morning prayer meeting  and felt so much the better for it. And again, I have to say that I was there because the Lord wanted me to persevere through the discomfort of a bad head, and turn out to meet with him. So I did… after a 6am shower followed by a couple of painkillers.

Later this morning I chose to support my son by driving him to a nearby town where he needed to fill out the paperwork for a new job he’s expecting to start next week. It would have been easy to leave him to find his own way there; but I’ve learnt that putting myself out, to spend time with my kids, really helps to keep a good relationship going. It’s so easy to fill the day up with all manner of solitary activities and a car journey is a great place for a chat.

I suppose it’s like that in our relationship with the Lord. If we want to get to know him we have to put ourselves out and spend time with him. And the first time I walked through the woods all I saw was trees, but after a few visits I realised that God was truly with me. Prayer meetings are the same… I remember years ago spending an hour watching the clock go around ever so slowly for my turn in an all-night prayer vigil. This morning it felt too short as there were prayers I felt stirred to pray but time was going and I felt I should allow some of the quieter attendees space to contribute.

Isaiah 55:6 ‘Seek the Lord while you can find him. Call on him now while he is near.’ (NLT)

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