Saturday, September 24, 2011

24th September

Hard as I try, I feel absolutely nothing about the place. Today I watched the F1 qualifying live from Singapore, quite spectacular under the artificial track lights… it was 10pm local time. But it was also my birthplace, though a vastly different country in 1952 and I did have my first birthday back in Deal, and that I do feel something about. I’m not at all sure about ever living here although I wouldn’t rule that out, but for sure there’s nowhere else I’d rather be at the moment. Certainly not Singapore, and although one of my sister’s just been passing through there for a mini-break, I’ve never been back as it’s not on my heart… yet. But today Deal is, and I have to trust that that is something the Lord has placed within me. This is where my roots are. They need a little cultivation right now, so I’m here digging for personal victory in what was once a wartime bomb alley.

And I feel quite a bit better, although it’s been a bit weird. Having a break has done me a lot of good; maybe I shouldn’t leave it quite as long before the next one. Once more I took myself off for a long walk along the seafront and onto the pier to sit and read and think and pray some more. And then Christmas came early! Without thinking I had my MP3 player set to ‘play all’ in my worship music folder and of course eventually it found it’s way to Chris Tomlin’s albums. One of them is an excellent mix of traditional and new Christmas compositions all with his very contemporary arrangement. So there I was humming my way down the pier full of Joy to the World and it’s kin. It made me feel really happy. My favourite thing in the entire world is worship and Christmas can be a real fun time!

Then I passed a row of fisherman’s working sheds which always forces a wry smile...

Nehemiah 8:10 ‘Don’t be dejected and sad, for the joy of the Lord is your strength!’ (NLT)

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