Thursday, September 01, 2011

1st September

I’m encouraged right now. As is quite common I sat down to write my blog and had no idea what to say – I’m sure you guessed that one - so decided to eat instead, though I had no idea what. My son was not hungry so it was down to me and I can’t grab a pizza from the freezer every day can I? No, that wouldn’t do at all. Anyway after a quick check on the internet to query the cooking time for pasta away we go. 15 minutes later – the same cooking time as a pizza – I’ve added half a jar of sauce to 4 fried mushrooms and an onion, topped it off with grated cheese and as I sit down to eat I feel ready for Masterchef! Ok I know  ready-made sauce and pasta is still a cheat but it looks good and certainly tastes good and I did it all by myself. And all ingredients were organic, as was the ice-cream to follow topped with a very nice raspberry preserve… ground coffee next I think.

I can do this think called life, I know it. Every day has it’s challenges but with the Lord’s help I’m learning not just to live without my better half but to begin to enjoy myself again. Even so, much of Jane’s past contribution to the home is still a mystery; it was not just her cooking. Life is much easier with a partner and complementary skills to contribute. But I’m getting there in style… sort of. And today the sun came out for my walk and it felt wonderful.

My 24 year old son has been presented with a job opportunity as well, which given the employment climate for young people today is a real blessing. As long as he doesn’t trip over himself he should have at least a few months full time work fairly soon and that could give him a real boost towards future employability. Almost every employer looks for experienced workers and getting that first step on the ladder looked almost impossible until now. Minimum wage unskilled part-time work for the past two years had no promise whatsoever for a long-term career pathway but now he has a chance to turn things around.

I feel quite good about the future both for my son and myself. And I’ve got a feeling that Jane’s been praying for us… again. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s actually organised a little prayer group in her heavenly home. She was always quite an intercessor!

John 10:10 ‘I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.’ (NIV)

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