Wednesday, August 31, 2011

31st August

Right then, today’s been a good day I reckon though I still succumbed to a few tears when on my Kedleston walk. But that’s all right as it’s what I’m supposed to be doing. Anyway, this morning my son used his abundant youthful energy to re-felt my small shed roof… he did the much larger one a few weeks ago. I so much appreciate his help at the moment as I would find even a small job like that quite challenging. It would probably take me days to do the work of a couple of hours for a fit young man. And when I took a close look we rescued the vulnerable wooden roof only just in time, it certainly would have suffered damage given another severe winter like last year. I’ll have to get him painting both sheds next and that’ll keep them safe for another couple of years. But I suppose I feel a bit like my shed today. Currently safe and sound, but in a vulnerable condition and it’s the perfect time for renovation! I’m so glad I know the master craftsman, the one who shapes people’s lives with a perfect touch. Without the Lord Jesus at the centre of my life, guiding and caring for me, I would be totally lost right now. He is my all sufficient one in every way. And if I believed that Jane’s journey through life was ended when I scattered her ashes in the sea I don’t think I would want to continue with mine for a single day longer. But her life didn’t end then and I do want to live for as many days or years as pleases the Lord. My desire is to serve him, using whatever comes to hand day by day. I only live today because of God and for God’s pleasure I will live today… and tomorrow.

At least today I did not lose another grandchild in Sainsbury’s which has to be good. But I was thinking of the time Jane once lost me. I can’t remember exactly where though I think it was Philadelphia Airport, the one with the cool rocking chairs, and Jane and I were together in a queue to go through our checks after a flight from the UK. I was standing protectively behind her when suddenly a customs officer took me by the arm and whisked me off to who knows where. Our previous visit to the USA had been only a year or so after 9/11 when we’d learned to be strictly obedient to official requests and not to behave at all awkwardly. Anyway it turned out he simply wanted to take me through a much shorter queue which I did. But that left Jane quite shocked when she turned round to find I’d disappeared. From the other side of the control booths I was happily rethreading my belt and putting my shoes back on when I spotted this rather agitated lady refusing to go through customs until she’d found her husband. Boy did I get a telling off for leaving her after she eventually spotted me trying to go the wrong way back through the checking system. But interestingly she did make one observation when she couldn’t understand how, from a proximity of only a couple of inches, I’d instantly disappeared from the middle of the queue… for a brief moment she’d actually thought I’d been raptured in the return of the Lord! The Bible says very little about that event, certainly not enough to draw such firm and varied conclusions that so many do. But it does say something… one day the Lord Jesus will return to planet Earth, and whilst we may not know the day or the hour we certainly need to be ready for him. And be doing the things that please our Father in heaven.

Oh yes I’ve not forgotten my date with Jane. Unless I join her before then I’m gonna meet up with her at the rapture… can’t wait!

Isaiah 64:8 ‘And yet, O Lord, you are our Father. We are the clay, and you are the potter. We all are formed by your hand.’ (NLT)

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