Monday, August 29, 2011

29th August

Today started off with me feeling rather stressed out, though I couldn’t really say why, but I certainly ended up with a bad head again. So I went for my walk as usual and that always makes me feel better. As it was trying to rain I used a slightly shorter 21/2 mile walk and that turned out well because it was new to me and most enjoyable, so much so that I followed on with another couple of miles through the woods again… who cares about a little rain! I’m quite impressed with how I can cope, but more than that it makes me feel really good. For me it’s a perfect stress buster, listening to worship music and reaching out to the Lord as I walk.

I used to love walking with Jane; starting with our honeymoon in the Lake District we enjoyed what must have been many hundreds of treks through forests, alongside picturesque rivers and up and down more than a few hills as well. And the thing about having such a special relationship is that we didn’t feel like we had to talk continuously whilst we walked. Sometimes we used the time to really work some things out, sometimes we said very little and simple enjoyed our walk. We were very comfortable in one another’s company. And that’s exactly how it is now I walk alone… except of course my point is that I’m not. The Lord is by my side, I know it; I feel his presence. I know his peace in my heart. He is truly my comforter in my time of need.

But as often as not we say very little to one another, which is ok as sometimes it’s just nice to have company and words are unnecessary. Other times I feel like I really need to cry out to him for his mercy, for his grace or maybe just to keep a hold of Godly peace when I feel troubled. Many times over the years the Lord has given me special insights, a gift of wisdom or a clear revelation of a course of action I should take, all whilst I’m out walking. It’s where I meet God. Though one thing is for sure, whatever the question, whatever the need, and wherever I am, he is and always will be there for me. And I will do my utmost to be there for him. Ultimately, our relationship with the Lord Jesus is all that matters and walking with him works for me.

Genesis 3:8 ‘When the cool evening breezes were blowing, the man and his wife heard the Lord God walking about in the garden.’ (NLT)

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