Sunday, August 07, 2011

7th August

Well I reckon that was my best journey for a long time taking only 4 hours plus a 15 minute break to travel 218 miles in my motorhome, some of it in heavy rain and strong winds, and that can’t be bad. So I feel like that was a real blessing to end an absolutely perfect week. We’ve celebrated 3 birthdays, done the beach thing aplenty, eaten far too many chips, quite a few curries, an enormous carrot cake, shared the candyfloss, scoffed the knickerbocker glory and generally entertained all my grandchildren and children with a double exploration of a real life medieval castle as well as the bouncy castle, a swim in the sea, a paddle in the pool, a walk on the cliffs, a stroll on the pier and… said a very special goodbye to my lovely wife Jane.

Thankyou God you are so good to me, your blessings are far more than I deserve. You are wonderful, perfect in all your ways and I will serve you until the end of my days.

Matthew 5:4 ‘God blesses those who mourn, for they will be comforted.’ (NLT)

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