Wednesday, June 13, 2012

13th June 2012

After a long day at work it’s always nice to have someone waiting back at home. Ok I can’t imagine ever living in Waddesdon Manor, an historic Rothschild property. It just wouldn’t suit me! But we all have to live somewhere, don’t we? So a particularly wealthy banking baron may well feel completely at home in this place, whereas I prefer somewhere much more modest. And much as I enjoy visiting, via the National Trust, and seeing how the other half once lived, I really don’t belong anywhere like this. And even my 1920’s 3 bed semi is far too big for just me and my son; one day I’ll downsize to something more manageable I guess. Our property buying days ground to a halt over 30 years ago when we moved here and just loved the environment, despite our constant need for more space. Anyway right now my house no longer feels like home, I belong somewhere else.

I often think about heaven. And I wonder what Jane is doing right now; yes I do miss her so very much. She’ll be waiting for me, I know, and watching for so many of the family and friends that she knew in this life. But I don’t believe she has more than the barest glimpse of my new life and those she loved. Surely having heaven filled with tears, sharing in the upset of those still journeying in this life, just wouldn’t fit. Our hearts beat as one, we knew each other in the closest possible way; we shared absolutely everything, our hopes and dreams, our fears and failings... it’s all ended now. At least until I get to join her. Then for sure we’ll live and love in a way that cannot possibly be imagined on this side of that great divide, the step into eternity that we all will take one day. But there’s no greater peace than the assurance of salvation, the certainty that one day I get to live forever with my God. And the wife of my youth.

Till he returns or calls me home. Here in the power of Christ I’ll stand! (A great modern hymn written by Keith Getty & Stuart Townend).

Philippians 3:20 But we are citizens of heaven, where the Lord Jesus Christ lives. And we are eagerly waiting for him to return as our Saviour.’ (NLT)

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