Thursday, June 21, 2012

21st June 2012

There’s always another way of seeing things.  Artists are particularly good at exploring that idea, and so this is part of my daughter’s degree work from some years ago. Though it really is light years away from her current preoccupation with finely detailed pen drawings. And a little pic on a computer screen really doesn’t do this one justice, especially as I seem to remember it being rather too large to even fit over my fireplace. Anyway I think it’s a great alternate worldview and to me makes much more sense than any humanist influenced atheistic philosophy. But I could never imagine the world without a creator God, it makes no sense; I’d rather imagine planet earth as some sort of distant relative of Mars, complete with a giant space station hanging over Australia. There’s got to be a good storyline somewhere in that idea I reckon. Hey, are those alien spaceships I can see? Can’t wait to make first contact… yes I know, I’ve been reading too much sci-fi just lately!

I try hard not to be religious. It seems to me that religion is a major ingredient in putting folk off of church. It sure puts me off anyway, and I love going to church meetings. Maybe I need to qualify that statement by defining my understanding of what religion is. To me religion is man-made, man inspired and having little ongoing interaction with God. It often has at root an historical move of the Lord that was undeniably genuine, but more relevant to the past than the present. I’m as guilty of this as many others. It’s good to remember the hand of God’s favour upon our lives when we look back, but it’s not so good when we pigeon hole the past work of the Lord. We should expect the new; our past need not define our future. The only constant is the Word of God as found in the Bible, everything else is stuff we make up. The world has many ideas exploring the purpose of existence, but at heart is the simple decision we all have to make concerning the claims of Christ. His life split our calendar in two and even today divides the world between those who follow and those who don’t. His is a message of love and compassion, gentle and caring, yet filled with the power of faith and the determination of hope. He has the answer to the evil grip of sin, every illness and even death itself. To use unbiblical religion, human philosophy and science to create an alternate worldview is foolishness in the extreme as none can stand against the wisdom of God.

I only want to do the things I see my Father in heaven doing today… not yesterday. The person who was not healed yesterday may well get healed today, the unemployed find work, the impoverished receive provision, the lonely find companionship and the lost find a way home…

Psalm 144:9 I will sing a new song to you, O God!’ (NLT)

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