Friday, June 08, 2012

8th June 2012

We can never deny the cry of our hearts. A few days ago my son started to talk about the pair of us making a trip to New York. Within hours he began to backtrack, as reason suggested buying a car would be much more sensible. But, as of a few minutes ago, he’s still drawn to an adventure across the Atlantic. It’s on his heart for sure. So I had a quick look through the photos taken on my visit there in 2003 and found this. Yes, I managed to find a woodland wilderness in one of the world’s greatest metropolises. Of course it’s Central Park, and I’m guessing looking west, as the building in the distance reminds me of the apartment where John Lennon lived. My point is… whatever I do, wherever I go, my heart grows warm when I find myself walking through the countryside. I love being outdoors, it’s who I am. So despite the excitement of a few days in The Big Apple, and don’t get me wrong it was a great visit, and I would do it all over again no problem; but if it really came down to it, I’d just as soon go camping.

Sooner or later we always take heed of our hearts desire, as trying to ignore the things that we really care about, for an extended period of time, can be soul destroying. Determination is not enough, but it is possible to reshape our desires. I remember many years ago being told by my dentist to cut back on sugar. I did, though coffee tasted awful for a few weeks. Nowadays I wouldn’t dream of ruining a good cup in that way. My taste changed. And it’s exactly the same with my heart, there are many things I’ve desired that ‘taste sweet’ but are ultimately bad for me. So I’ve learned the value of spending time with the Lord, understanding how to please him, and now my heart’s desires are becoming more and more like his. Now I’m working on turning aside from the quick fix, short term pleasure, in favour of the long term deep rooted peace that comes from a life that pleases God. I’m not ready to put aside my L-Plates just yet though…

Right now my greatest desire is to embrace the life I lived with Jane for so many years. That can never happen. So I have to change, I cannot remain fixated upon the past. And for me, the Lord is the only one who can help with that. I will live God’s way, and he will refill my heart with Godly love for life once again.

Proverbs 4:23 Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.’ (NLT)

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