Wednesday, May 16, 2012

16th May 2012

Climbing my mountain, one step at a time. Yes, I have been feeling completely overwhelmed with the workload set before me, too much decorating, too much gardening and somehow I need to get my head around some quite major work on my house. It ought to have a new roof and replacement windows before I even think of renewing the rendering. But you know what… right now, I feel quite chilled about it all. I’m walking with God, I have absolute confidence that he is with me, directing my paths and providing for my every need. In the last 4 years or so I fitted a new kitchen and had a bathroom suite installed. That was good. Everything ground to a halt as Jane became ill, but then last summer I had a new driveway laid. That was good. I have absolutely no reason to be frustrated at the amount of work that still needs doing. My house may be showing it’s age but it’s completely weatherproof, warm and snug surviving whatever storms come along. As long as I keep progressing through jobs, large and small, all will be well. Until today I’ve completely ignored even simple mowing for most of my land and couldn’t bear to leave it when I travel, hence today’s feel good job. I’m about ready to go find a motorway.

Obviously owning an older property means there will always be something that needs doing, and for sure my home has enjoyed quite a bit of attention over the decades. But all of that pales into insignificance compared with the work that needs to happen in me as a person. I’m also getting older, a bit worn out and ready for renewal. As always it’s a question of priorities. I have to spend time away, seeking the Lord. My heart needs healing, as does my body. I believe that the Lord has purpose for my life and that as I engage with that he will give me everything I need to fulfil that call. Including health and strength, but more particularly an open door to walk through with clear direction. Of jobs around the home there will be no end, but there’s more to life than that. It’s people I care about, not bricks and mortar or any other stuff I own.

Proverbs 24:27 Do your planning and prepare your fields before building your house.’ (NLT)

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